„It will cost you nothing to dream. And everything not to.“

Alina is an 18teen-year-old student from Munich, Germany, where she was born on the 28th of October 1998.

She founded alinacorona.de in 2013 to share her love for fashion and photography, which she first discouvered when she visited Venice in 2011 and got more in touch with photography. Alina developed the blog eversince, moved from blogger to wordpress and relaunched the blog in 2017 by turning the name into alinacorona.de.

Besides Blogging Alina has different passions, but especially likes to spend her free time doing Ballet, Acting and Writing. After her graduation in spring 2017, she wants to persue a career in the media or study law.

Photos are mostly taken by her younger sister and partner in crime Selina.

If there are any questions left, make sure to contact her via email or social media.